Mission Statement

My goal as an editor is to clear out distractions in your writing so that your voice and your story hold the attention of your readers. Writing is personal and can be downright painful; as your editor, I want to support your work and your wellbeing so that your writing is authentic and compelling. I take conscious language seriously and do my best to keep up with the evolution of language and how we ought to refer to ourselves and others—it is the baseline of activism and allyship.

About Lauren

I’m a sensitive introvert living in the Pacific Northwest with a warm love for attempting to keep plants alive and sharing ideas that break down barriers. I believe that there is a power in storytelling that brings us all together and closes the divide that we often find between us.

My educational background is in language learning; I went to school for French and Teaching English as a Second Language. My time in France, immersed in the language and culture, was some of the most inspiring and fulfilling years of my life. I returned to the United States with a mind full of French but nowhere to apply it. Consequently, I took a bit of a detour into the world of real estate as a project manager for marketing. I found some inspiration to return to school for a certificate in editing from the University of Washington, and I have now returned home to the world of language as an editor.