Mission Statement

Part 1: You are creative whether you like to think so or not. It’s in your very bones. All human beings are wired for creativity, and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise. How you allow that creativity to unfold is up to you, and I can help you work around whatever mindset barriers are holding you back: perfectionism, fear, self-doubt—all are our brain’s way of keeping us safe, but they also hold us back from all the love and connection that we deserve. And you deserve to create.

Part 2: Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter. Storytelling is the way we gain understanding and empathy, and the stories of BIPOC, of trans people, of people with disabilities, all need to be amplified in order to cultivate a more loving, accepting world. Your story is important.  

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About Lauren

I’m a sensitive introvert living in the Pacific Northwest with a warm love for attempting to keep plants alive, making ugly art, and sharing ideas that break down barriers. I believe that there is a power in storytelling that brings us all together and closes the divide that we often find between us.

I’m also a recovering perfectionist. I used to only create for others, for a grade, or for a paycheck—never outside of those things. I did not consider myself a creative person, never thought I would write books or short stories or share my creations with anyone, and for nearly three decades, I never did. When I started Scribe & Sunshine however, I quickly realized this mindset was holding me back from success—I wasn’t showing up authentically because I was trying to produce perfect content; in fact, I wasn’t producing content at all because I was trying to produce perfect content. If I wanted to find any kind of success as a business owner, I had to let go of my perfectionism. Sometime in this process, I started making ugly art as an intentional way to subvert my perfectionism. I made ugly drawings, ugly poems, ugly short stories; I started seeing what other ugly things I could make: why not a book? or a podcast? how about my entire business model? None of it had to be perfect, and neither did I. It was liberating! And I found my creativity—she was there all along, just waiting for me to say “Yes.”

Since making this discovery, I’ve made it my mission to help writers and other creatives relieve themselves of the burden of perfection and to get their work out into the world. If I can start to shed decades of perfectionism and lean into my authentic creativity, so can you.

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