The Writer’s Helm

The Writer’s Helm is a community designed for rebellious writers looking to build a more fulfilling relationship with writing. We offer writers the full spectrum of writing support and industry knowledge, from mindset and story development, to structure and grammar, as well as inside information to help you along the publishing journey. We aim to cultivate a space that is inclusive, accessible, and authentic. No one needs to set sail alone.

This group is exactly the kind of judgment-free, low-pressure writing community I was
looking for.

Meg McIntyre

Membership includes: 

  • Two writing sessions per week led by industry professionals (one of which is a silent writing session—great for introverts and the neurodivergent community)
  • Additional mutinous writing sessions and sprints led by Captain’s Apprentice members
  • Bi-weekly community Q&As (Mess Hall Hours) 
  • Monthly group coaching calls (Hearties Huddles)
  • Monthly ugly art intention setting sessions (Setting Course)
  • Access to past and future workshops on craft and mindset
  • Writing community and support on Slack

Start yer free trial today and sign up for $47/month OR save $64 by signing up for $500/year!
Please note: No refund will be given for the cost of membership if free trial takes place during the week of a workshop. There are currently no scheduled workshops.

Membership Tiers
Aye, there be options!

Gentle Pirate

For you magical pirates ready to take your writing destinies into your own hands.

Annual Pirate

For you savvy sailors looking to save.

Captain’s Apprentice

For you courageous writers who want to be more involved in the community and can host four writing sessions a month.


Meet your co-captains

Gabby Goodloe (she/her) @developmentaleditor

Gabby is a queer developmental editor, writing coach, and self-proclaimed hype-woman who loves to work with first-time fantasy and romance authors. With a passion for storytelling and for the writers creating the magic, Gabby has found her calling in supporting and empowering the human behind the page.

Lauren Alexander (they/them) @scribeandsunshine

Lauren is a copyeditor and “recovering” perfectionist who works primarily with contemporary fiction and memoir. They want authors to just do the damn thing—the “damn thing” being to let go of the illusion of perfection and publish that book already! They’re a writer and artist who focuses on making “ugly” things to bring playfulness into the creative practice and let go of mindset barriers.

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Cancellation policy:

The program is offered on an ongoing basis with a monthly subscription. You may cancel subscriptions at any time by emailing

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