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“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.” – Markus Zusak, The Book Thief


I am a freelance editor and creativity coach living in the Pacific Northwest. I want authors to just do the damn thing—the “damn thing” being to let go of the illusion of perfection and publish that book already! I’ll give you confidence in your manuscript and empower you to step forward through shaky hands and sweaty armpits, ready to take on your next creative adventure.

I specialize in editing stories of transformation in contemporary fiction and creative nonfiction; these can include stories of disillusionment, religious deconstruction (aka ex-vangelical), and coming-of-age stories, to name a few. I’m also the co-captain of The Writer’s Helm, an inclusive writing community focused on giving writers the tools and support to help them achieve their goals.

You have something special to share with the world, and I can help you get it out there.

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“Working with Lauren has been a wonderful experience and I have loved watching my story come together more and more with each set of edits completed. My book would not be as fantastic as it is today without all their hard work.”

Robin Joyce, Blood Bride

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Ugly Art 101

Feeling creatively blocked? This is not your average art course. Here, I challenge your perfectionism and help you access the full breadth of your creativity. Sign up here to get your lesson FREE!

Meet the Editor

Hi! My name is Lauren
Alexander (they/she). I’m an introverted weirdo and recovering perfectionist who’s dedicated to demystifying the creative process. I want to help you share your story and access your full creative potential.

The Ugly Podcast

How’s your perfectionism treating you? What about that impostorism? Or writer’s block? All the little (and BIG) roadblocks that keep us from our creativity—we all experience them. And we all have different ways of navigating these challenges to get our art on the page. The Ugly Podcast is a joyful little podcast where I chat with other creatives and industry professionals about our creative processes. This podcast serves as a reminder that you and your art get to be whatever the hell you want to be—UGLY and all.

Ugly Podcast Announcement

The Ugly Podcast is currently on hiatus while I rest and plan ahead for the next season, and I want to talk to you!! If you or someone you know might want to be a guest on the podcast, shoot me an email at I’m prioritizing speaking with creatives from marginalized communities: BIPOC creatives, LGBTQIA+ creatives, disabled creatives—those whose creativity and work have been historically erased or dismissed. My goal with this podcast moving forward is to reclaim, broaden, and free what creativity means for each of us.

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