Lauren’s clear and proactive communication, enthusiasm for my project, and insightful edits all helped me relax through the process. I knew my manuscript was in good hands!

Hannah de Keijzer

My regular proofreader had an emergency with another client and wasn’t able to work on my story. And I was left alone with my book two weeks before the release. Lauren took my project and delivered an amazing result in a very short time. I’m very grateful and a lot impressed. I think I have a new proofreader now 🙂 Thank you!

Ariana Cane, Fragile Lives

Working with Lauren has been a wonderful experience and I have loved watching my story come together more and more with each set of edits completed. I’m so thankful for all Lauren’s time. My book would not be as fantastic as it is today without all their hard work.

Robin Joyce, Blood Bride

I consider it my good fortune to have been introduced to Lauren and to have worked with her. After our initial conversation I felt she understood what I was trying to accomplish, and I felt I was in good hands during the entire time of our collaboration. Her technical knowledge is solid and can be trusted. Lauren provided clear and beneficial insights and suggestions during the process, and her guidance helped me stay focused and productive.

Kate L. Lewis, Eve’s Eden

Lauren brought a gentle, professional, and collaborative approach to the editing process. They offered great suggestions for simplifying sentences, strengthening the structure, and clarifying the message. They even suggested more inclusive terminology based on the Disability Language Style Guide which is really important to me. Lauren really knows what they’re doing and my document is stronger after their thoughtful edits!

Emerson Lee, Happy Memories Elder Support, LLC

Working with Lauren was super useful and an all-around pleasant experience. Even though I was new to the editing process, Lauren helped me understand exactly what to expect at each step. Lauren’s ability to pinpoint words that would create the right imagery or sound right within the sentence was very valuable. I felt comfortable accepting or discussing suggestions, and even the suggestions that didn’t quite fit with what I was trying to do in my writing helped me reflect on how I could achieve the effect I wanted. Working with Lauren was a positive experience from start to finish–she provided useful feedback for making my writing better while also recognizing and respecting what it was, which was really encouraging. 

Erin Schulz, Author

Creative storytelling is what comes to mind when I think about Lauren. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lauren for the past two months, during which she’s completely revamped our non-profit survey toolkit. With her exceptional editing skills, Lauren turned our boring toolkit into something interesting and with clear communication. Need proofreading, copyediting, or editing work? Lauren is your person!

Margaret Thompson, Programs Coordinator at Inspire Washington

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10 Writing Prompts for Reflecting on Religious Trauma

These prompts are designed to help you think about where you've come from and where you want to go. Be brave, friend. Write yourself a new identity.

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