Writing Coaching

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Welcome to the new Writer’s Helm mentoring program! The co-captains of The Writer’s Helm are now offering 2:1 private coaching for writers looking for additional guidance and support. These sessions can focus on an excerpt of writing of up to 1,500 words for help with craft or brainstorming, or they can focus on writing mindset and overcoming personal roadblocks. We will center your writing goals and learning style to help you figure out how to move forward. 

What’s included

Hour-long timeslot with two professional editors dedicated to you and your writing (mindset or craft related). You control what we discuss, and we help guide you by asking questions, addressing mindset, brainstorming story solutions, and laying out next steps.

The Writer’s Helm crew member rates:
$87 per session or 5 coaching sessions for $378 ($57 savings!)

Nonmember rates:
$150 per session or 5 coaching sessions for $700 ($50 savings!)

How to sign up

Use the links below to purchase your coaching sessions. After you make your purchase, you’ll be directed to our calendar where you can book your coaching session(s). Once you’ve scheduled your timeslot, we’ll send you a form to fill out detailing what you’d like to discuss.

Writer’s Helm crew members: Don’t forget to enter your promo code to get the member rates! DM your co-captains in Slack if you can’t find it.