Creating Community w/ Gabrielle Goodloe

On today’s episode, I talked with my friend and fellow editor, Gabrielle (Gabby) Goodloe, about the importance of creating community in the writing world. We’ve both felt the gut punch of our writing being rejected, and it turned us away from writing for years. We discuss the importance of finding people who support and encourage you, who see your brand of creative genius and celebrate you for it. And we touch on some of the more harmful messages we see circulating the writing world.

At the end of the episode, we introduce our new writing group, The Writer’s Helm, which is opening its doors to writers of all kinds who want to find a place of community, accountability, and learning. We are supporting authors through all stages of writing, from shaping the earliest draft to navigating the rough journey to publishing. If you’ve ever felt adrift in the writing seas, if anything we’ve said in this episode resonates with you, go to to learn more and join the crew!

If you’re interested in working one-on-one with Gabby, you can connect with her on Instagram: @developmentaleditor or at her website:

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